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HEASC Sustainability Fellows Program


Contribute to a sustainable future at the national level! Apply to be a Sustainability Fellow at HEASC (Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium).

As a Fellow, you will be part of a group of outstanding individuals, each contributing to an important part of the national trend toward sustainability in higher education. You will spend 3-5 hours each week working on high impact projects identified by HEASC. See some of the sustainability resources and projects of HEASC member organizations in the Resource Center (tab at left). 

HEASC Sustainability Fellows will nurture, connect, assist and inspire the important work being done for sustainability across the country.  The vital role played by the Fellows is crucial to continuing the momentum of the higher education sustainability movement. If you are interested in serving as a Sustainability Fellow, please submit an application form below.

The HEASC Sustainability Fellows Program supports the efforts of HEASC and its member associations to advance sustainable practices in higher education.  Fellows projects are designed to:

  • Strengthen HEASC's higher education sustainability efforts
  • Promote interdisciplinary and cross-functional collaborations on sustainability education
  • Improve the collection and analysis of sustainability-related data in higher education


Fellows work with HEASC member associations to develop and work on projects that meet the strategic goals of HEASC and advance sustainability across the higher education sector.   Example projects include:

Outreach and Communications for HEASC

  • Conduct research on sustainability topics for HEASC
  • Write articles on behalf of HEASC for member associations' newsletters and journals
  • Present on HEASC initiatives at conferences
  • Assist with promotional/marketing plan
  • Coordinate communications among members to help cross-publicize each others’ events
  • Assist HEASC members in sharing sustainability successes and resources with the larger community
  • Conduct international outreach
  • Serve as “expert” resource for HEASC initiatives/contacts
  • Assist in publicizing the Fellows program and recruiting additional Fellows

Fundraising and Membership

  • Seek funding opportunities for publications by HEASC; professional development materials and resources; and other HEASC projects
  • Assist with HEASC membership recruitment and strategies for involving other HEAs

Jobs, Careers, and Professional Competencies

  • Provide careers information to campus career centers (e.g.,  job listing sites;  job descriptions that include sustainability; example positions at all levels)
  • Create video vignettes of interviews with professionals to provide to career centers and HEASC member associations
  • Review core competencies for integration of sustainability into jobs on campus
  • Help infuse sustainability into a variety of higher education standards
  • Assist in creating professional development opportunities (from beginner to advanced levels) for HEASC members; focus on "core competencies" for sustainability


  • Support HEASC in developing a “Campus as a Living Lab” initiative
  • Help HEASC coordinate and promote its annual Campus Sustainability Day
  • Assist in enhancing and promoting the HEASC Resource Center
  • Promote HEASC-supported initiatives such as the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) and AASHE’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS)


Fellows must:

  • Be employed by an institution of higher education or work primarily with the higher education sector
  • Have at least two years of experience in higher education sustainability
  • Have a skill set that matches the needs of existing HEASC projects
  • Have demonstrated success with sustainability initiatives
  • Be able to commit 3-5 hours per week

Terms and Compensation

HEASC Sustainability Fellows serve one-year terms, but may apply for additional terms.  Each term begins immediately upon acceptance and ends twelve months later.  Fellowships are unpaid, but offer status, recognition, and an opportunity to work closely with HEASC and higher education associations.  Fellows who complete their term will receive a Certificate from HEASC.

Application Process

Please download and complete a HEASC Fellows Application Form and send it to us with your resume (see instructions on application form).  Applications may be submitted at any time, and are reviewed at least quarterly.  Applicants are assessed through an evaluation process by HEASC representatives.


For more information on the HEASC Sustainability Fellows Program, contact Jillian Buckholz, HEASC Coordinator, at or (303) 395-1331 ext. 5.