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New Report: A Guide to Climate Resiliency & The Community College

Released by the American Association of Community Colleges’ (AACC) Sustainability Education and Economic Development (SEED) Center and the Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS), positions two-year colleges as a community’s best resource in addressing the urgent conversations around the impacts of climate change, extreme weather, and attendant emergencies. As a workforce developer, a community educator, and convener, the community college should be central to designing a coherent and sustainable local response to these threats. View the report here.

Webinar: Civil Discourse and Civil Engagement in Student & Academic Affairs with Planet Education
See the recording of the webinar here

Campus Sustainability Day (10/22/14)
Check out events and how to get involved on the Campus Sustainability Day website

AASHE 2015 Conference (10/25/2015 - 10/28/2015)
AASHE 2015: Transforming Sustainability Education Oct. 25 -28, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minn.  Learn more on the event website.

NACUBO 2014 Annual Meeting Campus Efficiencies Posters

During NACUBO's 2014 Annual Meeting in Seattle, Wash., the Sustainability Advisory Panel held its first SAP Open House. The event featured over 30 posters from member institutions related to sustainability and energy efficiency efforts on their campus. Poster topics included geothermal energy, developing resources for saving water, engaging in renewable energy options, improving the campus carbon footprint, and engaging students and faculty in saving energy.

Student Affairs Stories of Sustainability Resources to Engage Students and Remove Silos

Link to webinar slides.

Sustainable Career Resources Google Doc (2013)

Green and Sustainability Jobs and Career Resources, article published in Career Convergence magazine, a google doc of Sustainability Career Resources, and posters for your use to promote this resource (letter size or legal size), compiled by multiple HEASC Fellows, Alessandra Carreon and Debra Rowe, October 2013.

Using the Campus and Community as a Living Lab for Sustainability (2012)

The 2012 Higher Education Sustainability Review outlines 2012 AASHE Bulletin trends in three areas: New Developments, Changing Dynamics, Areas of Prevalence. Highlights from over 40 institutions are included, summarizing innovative and high-impact achievements. The 2012 edition is available to the public.

The American Association of Community College's SEED Center and the U.S. Green Building Council's Center for Green Schools have released a guide that highlights eight essential elements to building effective living labs. The Campus as a Living Lab: Using the Built Environmentl to Revitalize College Education tackles some of the biggest challenges faculty face in these endeavors, from breaking down internal institutional silos to engaging industry in curriculum development. 

Community Partnerships: A Key Component to Sustainability, explores how partnerships between higher education institutions and their surrounding communities are a powerful tool for advancing sustainability and educating for sustainability. Colleges and universities, longtime leaders in sustainability, are increasingly realizing the full potential of community partnerships as a means for further advancing their sustainability goals. Community partnerships for sustainability create a win-win structure, building student skills while helping implement solutions to our urgent societal challenges.

Additional Resources for 'Using the Campus and Community as a Living Lab for Sustainability'

Clean Energy Education: Call to Action

HEASC Final Call to Action-  Sustainability in Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews

Sustainability Improves Student Learning (SISL) featured resources from the online resource center:

New Book!  "The Sustainable University" (Johns Hopkins Press) (posted 4/7/12)
Check inside this book - The Sustainable University: Green Goals and New Challenges for Higher Education Leaders. Chapters by some of the leading campus sustainability thinkers cover topics such as athletics, housing, food, STARS, community colleges, institutional change management, endowments, architecture, role of provosts, student leadership, and much more. 

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